Crisis on Kosovo is escalating, Serbian population living in majority on North decided to listen wrong advice of ruler of Serbia to go out of institution, local police and courts not satisfied because "Commonwealth of municipalities with Serbian majority" agreed during EU lead negotiating in Brussels was not implemented after 10 or more years. Consequence is fact that now Albanian police from Kosovo is on north and Serbian population blocked some roads. One of such barricade was near village and monastery Banjska. Albanian police tried to remove it. One policeman was killed during action along with 3 or more armed Serbians who retreated to monastery. Leader or "Serbian list" Milan Radoičič who is already under American sanctions was pictured there with group of well armed men and vehicles.

Ruler of Serbia who was elected for President on non free and non fair elections also sent some military near border of Kosovo. Then he had unpleasant phone conversation with American secretary Antony Blinken after which he issued order to army to retreat. Milan Radoičič was arrested, his lawyer said he confess he was behind action and that it was his own action, but few days later he has been released and new information is that he denies all accusations. He will be prosecuted in Serbia local authorities say. States like Germany, Italia and Belgium and maybe more of them are calling to introducing sanctions against Serbia. Kosovo Albanian lobbyist is calling Serbia "Terrorist supporting state". More senior members of Chinese communist party were also in Belgrade few days ago and held meeting with ruler of Serbia. He did interview for CNN and Christiane Amanpour just like Mrs Osmani from Kosovo did day after. When things come to Christiane Amanpour you know it's bad developing.

There is simple solution for this escalation and NATO can do that in 5 minutes if they want to. Remember when all this s*t started there Albanians start killing Serbian policemen on Kosovo and Serbia used "to big force" against them which lead toward NATO intervention and taking away of Serbian sovereignty over province. It was all because Serbia and it's ruller at time Milošević refused to give back autonomy to Kosovo which it had under constitution of Yugoslavia in 1974 which by the way doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. Madman refused to give back any kind of autonomy and lost entire province, sucked bombing, deaths and had cheek to tell "Congratulations we won war against NATO" after intervention and retreat of Serbian army from Kosovo. It looks we have similar situation now and his minister of press in power now is looking more and more on him. Albanians are refusing to give autonomy to Serbs on North Kosovo, people get killed because of that.

If you ask me Albanian police should not go to north, NATO troops should go there and international police from leading NATO country - USA. They should hold law and order and work on reintegration of north part of Kosovo step by step. They should disarm everyone there and deal with criminality if it exist there and deal with people like Radoičič. Parallel they should tell Albanians in Prishtina that they must make "Commonwealth of municipalities with Serbian majority" in some time frame after which if they fail they will decide about future status of north "according to will of people who live there" because they failed to give them autonomy which is much needed so they can survive there. If they give autonomy then work on reintegration of that territory to Kosovo with special relationship with Serbia and tell it's Serbia on move now to make good neighbor relationship with it's former province and why not changing constitution and do recognition ? I can't care less if Autonomy for Serbs is not according to Kosovo constitution, because recognizing of Kosovo is also not in according to Serbian constitution and they are asking for it. It should not be recognition then autonomy, but autonomy and if it is given then recognition. If not given plebiscite of people on north what they want and if they want reintegration with Serbia so be it. If we need to recognize each other then Serbia need to be also compensated with at least X/10 by west because it lost territory whose natural resources worth X. USA ex president Trump plan was great step in right direction about this problem.

It will not happen like that, they will probably sanction us in some way because I can't lie this entire action with Radoičič and Banjska look to me sick, wrong and lead toward death of people. If some sanctions like in 90ies happen again then please do me a favor ensure "sport society" of his beloved club "Red Star" got sanction first.