A couple of months ago, a little boy on his way to school was attacked by a pack of dogs the owner was walking but he couldn't control them. The community got angry and killed them The boy didn't survive the attack, he died moments later. This happened in Anambra State, Nigeria.

I’m assuming they were bred as guard dogs….will expect them to be handled differently in public…Lots of unanswered questions in the sad case. Poor baby!

It's a pity the child's life was lost.

I've always used every medium I get to help so many ignorant followers of many YouTube videos meant for mere likes and views and then copy them hook, line and sinker.

I was on a Facebook thread last year and a very experienced old-time breeder was flaunting a video and pictures of himself walking several Boerboels on the street OFF LEASH, a dog lunched at them and they went after the dog (your guess is as good as mine).

I commented and discouraged people from attempting it, and as expected he and many others like him attacked me.

I mentioned that such things might work for him, but for the sake of many ignorant folks who look up to figures like himself, this should not be encouraged.

My point that day was.

That could have been a minor who we all know may just be naughty and throw stones at those dogs, and in defense, the dogs could attack him. A prey animal like a rodent could cross the road, and while chasing, they meet a pedestrian on the way, whose first instinct will be to run, and then the dogs might just chase and bite.

Please let's discourage these copycat attitudes and stick to what works for us here in Nigeria. The guy who walks multiple German shepherds on the street abroad does that for his reasons, and should there be an accident, you might not see that on YouTube. But the thrill brings about the temptation to try it.

Those things are just to entertain. They don't work in this part or any part of the world.

If anything goes wrong, you the owner won't go free.