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Quite frankly, I tend to wonder considerably why the Globalists of the Liberal World Order are so sure authoritarians!

Why is that? Is it because their dream society for all of us plebs is a society of nightmares, no privileges, no ownership, scarcity, and deprivation! Who would willingly put up with that proposal? Unless of course one is a beneficiary of such an anomaly, the answer is an outright no. So they resort to using force and intimidation.

The elite wants every part of our lives digitized so they can control our consumption and control every aspect of our lives. It's as simple as that. It has always been about control.

After all that we've survived through, which is a whole heck of a bunch, ordinary folks still found it amusing when asserting simple common sense stuff is being spoken. Like things might get worse and you might need to start rationing a little and prepare for some harsh waters.

That alone earns bizarre stares.

Sincerely, @izge