Sometimes at a point in life one can't definitely ignore thinking about what awaits us after life. Irrespective of the religion we are birth and brought up with there seems to be a lot of controversy when it comes to religious beliefs.

Personally, I was brought up in a Christian home of The Apostolic Church denomination and ever since I grew up in that doctrine up to the University level where I handled some positions in the student campus fellowship but as time goes on with age, reading, doing a lot of research and asking too many questions about what awaits us afterlife. The more I think about it sometimes I become confused a bit. Not confused on the fact that don't trust my belief but one can't fail to look at the other side of the coin to know if these things that have been said are true or not. As a scientist (researcher), l am open to reasoning because everything has its statistical probability of being true or false whichever way you look at it you must give it a chance.

So today I was scrolling on my Facebook page when I stumbled into above quote and it got me thinking. Different religion have the different beliefs on where the soul goes to. I am meant to think about if am on right path or basking in euphoria of fairy tales of religion as indoctrinated in me from childhood.

My mum is a deaconess in the local church and the last thing she will want to hear from me is that I didn't attend Sunday service and in order to make her feel good, l admit to have attended but recently I've been thinking deeply about this today.

What is your thought?