— Dad, what is the smallest thing in the world?

— Human life, baby. You just start living, and you're already an old man.

— Yes, and the physicist said that the electron… And what is the longest thing in the world...

is human life. You manage to make so many mistakes that your great-grandchildren can't fix.

— The geographer said — the Equator. Was she cheating or something?..

Dad, and Dad, what is most valued?

— Human life.

— Exactly! We went through this in literature. And then what is the cheapest?

— Human life, baby. They exchange it for pennies, or even give it away for nothing.

— In history, we were told that the labor of slaves, Dad! You probably forgot?

Well, never mind, name the most difficult theorem better.

— Human life, son. Every day from morning to evening you prove something to yourself and others.

— No, no, no! This is Fermat's theorem, the mathematician told us!

You're funny, Dad. Do you know the simplest cell?

— Human life. There are no windows with bars in it, there are no doors with clever locks, there is no vigilant guard, but there is often no exit either.

— Yes, I'm asking from biology! Because the textbook says that…

Come on, Daddy! What are you laughing at?.. Is it true that Einstein is smarter than everyone else?

— The smartest one is the one who was born later than everyone else.

— Is it true that Poddubny was the strongest?

— The one who knows the languages of his enemies is the strongest.

— And who is the most beautiful?

— The most beautiful one is the one who never looks in the mirror.

— And the kindest one is the one who feels sorry for everyone?

— The kindest, baby, does not feel sorry for himself...

(almost summer)