I was waiting to go into the River Hongbao 2022 event on Saturday when I found a Disney Pop-up store. I went in to check it out since I had time.

星期六我正在等待进去春到河畔2022 的发现一家迪士尼店。反正有点时间,我就进去看看。

Right by the entrance is this bronze colour Mickey Mouse.


There was this display close to the entrance which has lion dance and dragon dance.


I was wondering if they were for sale when I turned around and saw them with the price tag of more than than $250.

我还在想它们是否有卖这时一转身就看到它们的价格超过 250元,

What are you guys so happy about?


There was a board with lion dance and dragon dance where people were standing to pose for photos.


The prosperity theme T-shirts in red should be popular during Chinese New Year.


They had some cockscomb in the store too.


I didn't see Ironman but Captain American was there next to the big Mickey and Minnie where more people were posing to take photos.


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