It was raining when I left for work this morning. I reached office without getting wet but I wondered how long the rain will stop.

今天早上我去上班的时候正在下雨。 没有被淋湿并到了办公室,但不知道雨会继续下多久。

It did stop by the time I went for a late lunch. As I went into the nearby food centre, I heard a rooster crowed. I thought I iwas crazy but I spotted the little guy and I were to take a photo. I wasn’t the only one.

当我去买午餐时,雨已经停止了。 当我走进去附近的熟食中心时,我听到了公鸡的啼叫声。 我以为我疯了,但我发现了这个小家伙,我去拍张照片。 不止是我。

I zoomed in a little to take more photos. It crowed again.


I wished I had started record a video.


Then it turned into a headless chicken and decided to sleep there.


Had to get lunch but no chicken rice for me. I went to get carrot because I saw only one person waiting. Who knows there were already people who ordered before me and came back to get their food before me. I got my food after some time and headed back to office to eat.

得去买午餐咯但可不会吃鸡饭。 我去买菜头粿因为我看到只有一个人在等。 谁知道已经有人在我之前订购并在我之前回来拿食物。 过了一会儿,我也拿到到了我的食物,然后回到办公室吃。

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