When I visited the SEA Aquarium one Sunday In January 2022, after walking past the tunnel, I saw some stuffed turtles on the wall.

2022年1月的一个星期天,我去参观海洋馆时,走过隧道后,我看到墙上有一些海龟标本。Next was a tank full of these transparent fishes.

Next was a tank full of these transparent fishes.


I don't know what they are called but they are quite amazing.


This reminds of of the time when I was a kid and I went to visit my maternal grandma. There was an aquarium shop on the lower floor where she lived and they were selling some kind of transparent fishes too. There had been different TV show and movie showing people with ability to be invisible.

What if you are transparent and all your internal organs and bones can be seen. 🤔 这让我想起了我小时候去探望外祖母的时候。 她住的楼下有一个水族馆店,他们也卖一些透明的鱼。 有不同的电视节目和电影展示了具有隐形能力的人。 如果你是透明的,你所有的内脏和骨头都可以看到`怎么办。 🤔

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