I was at the zoo in May 2021 when I went into an enclosure where they have many birds roaming around.

2021 年 5 月,我在动物园里参观时进入一个围区,那里有许多鸟类在四处走着。

There was a platform and I walked up the stairs and saw the tail of a monitor lizard. I wanted to go up and take a picture but my wife said, "No way".

有一个平台,我走上楼梯,看到了一只巨蜥的尾巴。 我想上去拍张照片,但太太说:“不行。”

There was a duck standing on the edge of a railing. I wondered if it would slide down.

有一只鸭站在栏杆的边缘。 不知道它会不会滑下去。

Two similar ducks were on safer ground.


Another type of duck was resting.


There was one big one that I think is some kind of vulture standing on a railing I was walking passed.


Then one interesting looking one walked across. The feathers look a bit the tail of a peacock.

然后一个有趣的走了过我面前。 旁边的羽毛看起来有点像孔雀的尾巴。

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