The FTX Exchange has imploded and crypto's have plunged into despair and chaos not seen since the Mt. Gox disaster in 2014. What could this mean for us going forward?

I sat down at my computer to write a very lengthy blog giving many statistics, facts, and conjectures about where Scorum is and where it is headed. I know that this is the kind of blog that most of you that know me have grown to expect. But I have decided to skip the details today and just make a few points for you to think about. If you want to know more about any particular point or conclusion that I have made here then ask me questions in the comments and we can talk it over.

  • Aviatrix -  Is currently operating on casino web sites. Players are given a Scorum wallet that is currently being secured for them by Scorum Inc. (Aviatrix). These players can then purchase their NFT plane, store them in their Scorum wallet, and play Aviatrix using fiat currency. Their plane NFT is safely stored on the blockchain and their fiat holdings are held in an account on the casino's web site. This means that almost none of the things happening in the crypto world either now or in the future can affect the continuing rise in popularity of our new application Aviatrix.
  • The Scorum Blockchain - SCR is currently not being traded on any exchange and is in a state of suspended animation. The blockchain itself continues to operate completely unaffected and oblivious to what is going on in the rest of the blockchain industry. While hundreds, if not thousands of blockchain projects are in serious trouble and on the verge of complete collapse, Scorum Inc. is quietly scaling up the Scorum blockchain in preparation for the release of the crypto version of Aviatrix and the launch of Aviatrix on many new casino web sites. In the weeks ahead we are probably going to witness the complete disappearance of many blockchain projects with much higher market caps than Scorum. As these things are happening around us and making all of the news, we will be steadily growing the size of our network (currently 1-2k per day) and we will be increasing our capacity to carry heavy user traffic.
  • Scorum Inc. - I don't have complete insights into the day to day operation of Scorum Inc. but I do hear things and I do ask questions from time to time to gain a better understanding of what is happening on the developers side. The company is growing in every aspect and the future looks very bright. Scorum Inc. has multiple successful businesses currently in operation and their income stream is growing. So much so that they are continuing to hire top talent to grow our footprint in the iGaming industry while we have this huge advantage of being first in space to provide blockchain based solutions. We have made several exciting new partnerships with industry leaders and our representatives have gained an enormous number of new contacts and potential future points of blockchain integration. Respect and name recognition is exploding and success will surely lead to even greater future success.
  • Scorum Members - This is an extremely tough time for the members of Scorum and although there is some hope and excitement for our potential future, we are currently not seeing any benefits from Aviatrix, and the other Scorum blockchain applications have only a few active members struggling to keep things going and show that we yet live. Since we are listed on no exchanges we can't sell any of our earnings or withdraw any SCR for emergencies or needs. But on the other hand, our coins are stored safely in our wallets and we have the promise that SCR will be able to trade on many CEX's and DEX's sometime in the near future. And, unlike many other blockchain projects right now we are not worried about our viability as a blockchain project. Scorum Inc. has no exposure to the FTX contagion no matter how far it spreads, and their income is not affected by the crypto market in any way whatsoever. This means that while other projects will be reducing their work force and cutting back on development, Scorum is hiring and speeding up our development goals!


We here at Scorum are boondocking out in an open field far away from the wildfire that is raging off in the distance where most of the rest of the blockchain industry has set up camp. Our own cryptocurrency is safely locked away and protected from all the mayhem until a future moment when the fire has run its course and the disaster is over.

When things come back to life for us the Scorum blockchain will have been upgraded and prepared for the heavy traffic that we expect to come with the launch of Aviatrix directly on the blockchain. Our network has already almost tripled in size and it will continue to grow and may eventually go parabolic. People all over the world will be playing Aviatrix and many of them will get exposed to blockchain technology for the very first time.

We will complete cross chain bridges soon which will tie us into the growth of Web 3 and open up a lot of new opportunities. The big winners of Web 2 were not the sites who were the original household names and leaders during the dot com craze. So I believe that it will be similar for Web 3, many of the top cryptos of today will blow away with the storm we are now facing, and cryptos that few have even heard of will rise to take their place. I can't promise that Scorum will be one of those Web 3 winners, but I can certainly see that things are aligning in our favor even if it doesn't look that way right now.

I am just as excited about the future of Scorum now as I was the day that I first found out about it and decided to invest as much as I could afford in the project. In fact, after witnessing the successful launch of the fiat version of Aviatrix and seeing the daily statistics reports I am even more excited for our future. It is no wonder that the Scorum team had to delay the launch of Aviatrix on the blockchain long enough to scale up and prepare for the potential flood of new users, because if our launch on that first site is any indication the size of our network could rapidly inflate past anything else currently known for a blockchain. It sounds crazy, but it is not an exaggeration. We may have more transactions/second and daily users than any other current blockchain by the end of next year. What that would mean for SCR is hard to say, but it will sure be interesting to find out.