I am starting a new members group on Telegram where anyone who has posted less than 56 blogs and who also has less than 1K SP can post links to their blogs for priority upvotes and critiques. Under the current conditions, any member who posts at least one blog per week and reads and comments on the blogs of established members should be able to reach 1K SP within one year or 56 weeks.

The goal of this group is to help as many new members as possible reach 1K SP as rapidly as possible therefore guaranteeing our long term status as a decentralized blockchain. This is not a group for members whose only goal is to earn and immediately sell their SCR, not that we have a problem with that but it is not the goal of this group to help new members earn extra SCR in order to sell it in the present. This group is all about decentralizing and growing Scorum for the future and establishing a way for all of our members to earn more in that future.

  • This group will be open to all members and everyone is encouraged to join and support new members.
  • Only Administrators and qualified new members will be allowed to post links to Scorum Blogs for the purpose of upvotes. 
  • Any member will be allowed to post links to help blogs that are past their payout period or informational blogs and articles from other web sites.
  • Active members are considered those who blog regularly and who read, upvote, and comment on other blogs.
  • Established Scorum members in this group will be encouraged to find a new member and act as a mentor for them.

I hope that all Scorum members will join this group and start welcoming and supporting new members right away. Also, please invite or add all new Scorum members as soon as you notice them on the platform.

Here is the link to the new channel, spread it far and wide on Scorum


**** I would also like to ask for volunteers among our long time members with more than 10K SP voting power, I will need two more Admins to help me monitor the group and enforce the rules.