The Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte | Photo: AFP

Western nations have imposed sanctions to weaken Russia's economy in the wake of the Ukraine attack. As part of this, the United States has imposed sanctions on Russia for importing fuel. The European Union has also begun taking steps to reduce its dependence on Russia. But Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said otherwise.

On Wednesday, Mark Rutte said it was impossible to completely stop oil and gas imports from Russia to EU countries. "We need to discuss the crisis in the context of Russia's dependence on oil and gas," he said. From today, I will not call for a halt to gas and oil imports from the country.

Mark Rutte met with French Prime Minister Jean-Castex on Wednesday to discuss the Ukraine issue. The meeting was held in Paris, France. Root said this at a joint press conference.

Mark Rutte also spoke about the EU sanctions against Russia. He says the sanctions imposed on Russia are actually against the country's leadership, not against its people.

Earlier on Tuesday, the EU announced that it would reduce gas imports from Russia by two-thirds.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden imposed a ban on oil, natural gas and coal imports from Russia into the United States, saying his country would have to pay a price if the embargo was lifted. But lawmakers agree on such a move.

Biden said in a statement that "there is a price to be paid for freedom of speech. We also have to pay the price for this freedom. Leaders of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party understand this. They are clear that sanctions should be imposed.