In Venezuela internet connections have a great backwardness at a general level, because the national company that offers internet service throughout the country CANTV lacks investment in the company, so many of us who work in the network have had to hire private services to improve our connection and browsing speed for greater efficiency.

That is why I would like to talk about my experience with a few weeks of use with high speed internet via fiber optic or FTTH is a topic that I find very interesting because without the internet connection would be impossible to have advanced so much.

The connection by Fiber or FTTH is another level, I can do my work faster and can create multitasking in the browser without slowing down the connection, which is very important, also the streaming works like a great walk in the park very fast and without losses.

Of course not everything is a marvel, the price of the service is extremely expensive and is that it is the only company that provides this service in the area where I live, in fact we pay more than in other sectors of the city and is even more expensive than in other countries where there are cheaper plans with higher speeds, but that issue is due to lack of development of services in the country, caused by the current regime that is always 10 steps behind all the progress globally.

Fiber optics is the technology used to transmit information in the form of light pulses through glass or plastic fiber strands, over long distances.

Optical fibers are about the diameter of a human hair, and when combined in a fiber optic cable, they allow more data to be transmitted over longer distances and faster than other media. It is the technology that makes it possible to provide homes and businesses with Internet, telephone and TV services over fiber optics.

But in this specific case I want to talk about FTTH is based on the use of fiber optic cable to the end user's home, which is called the last mile.

The adoption of this new last mile access technology requires the deployment of expensive new infrastructure (from the exchanges to the user's home or business), so it is a gradual process that involves the coexistence of FTTH with HFC services (Hybrid Fiber and Copper Networks).

FTTH is a technology that is gradually being incorporated into Internet services for homes, offering higher speed, availability of content and better quality. It is also preparing the homes of the future for the reception of new value-added services and applications, such as video on demand, HD channels or cloud storage.

Nowadays it is indispensable in a few vital words to have a good internet connection for all that this implies in our modern life, most of my work depends exclusively on the internet network and if you have a good speed is ideal to be more efficient in the performance of my tasks.

This is an introduction and a first content regarding this topic which could be deepened a little more from here on, but the important thing is that the precedent is that I had to move and finance a better connection to have a more stable and faster service.

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