The robot that peels the collar | Photo taken from Reuters video

Robots serve food in restaurants, keep financial accounts এমন this is quite common in Japan. But this time the robot peeled the banana peel perfectly in the country. Researchers in Japan have created this new robot.

Peeling with this robot will not cause any damage to the banana, that is, there will be no stain on the banana. However, this is not to say that researchers are 100% successful. So far, their success rate is 56 percent.

The robot that is being used to peel the collar has two handles. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have released a video of the robot. It shows the robot picking up bananas and using two handles. And this work takes about 3 minutes.

Created using modern technology, this robot was first taught how to peel a collar. Researchers at the university, Hicheol Kim, Yoshiyuki Ohmura, and Yasuo Kinioshi, did the work. They said that the process has been shown repeatedly so that the robot can store enough information in its memory cell to peel the collar. The robot was trained for 13 hours.

Researchers are quite optimistic about this newly created robot. In this context, Kinioshi said that he hopes that this robot can do a lot of work, which is usually done by humans. He said there is a shortage of skilled workers in the Japanese labor market. If well trained, this robot will be able to meet the demand of the labor market.

Kinoshi also gives some examples in this regard. He said that the field of preparation of lunch boxes and processing of food depends on the workers. He hopes that this robot will be able to occupy the place.