Before I reached the inside of a dome at the SEA Aquarium seeing these divers above, I was in the viewing gallery.


I recorded a couple of videos. I was just enjoying see manta ray and sharks swimming by until I spotted the divers.

在那里,我录制了两段视频。 我只欣赏这蝠鲼和鲨鱼游过,直到我发现潜水员。

In the next one, I focused a the divers at first and don't know what they were doing.


Then when in the dome, I figure out the lady with pink and white flippers was the special person. I think she is getting her PADI certification there.

然后当在圆顶时,我发现那个粉红色和白色脚蹼的女士是不一样的。 我看她正在那里考 PADI 潜水证。

Anyway, I had to go back to the viewing gallery to enter to an area for Dolphin experience. They didn't allow photos in there although we see the dolphins' home, I felt it wasn't worth paying 20 bucks more for the half hour experience.

无论如何,我得回到观景台进入一个海豚体验区。 尽管那里我们看到了海豚的家,但他们不允许在那里拍照,我觉得为半小时的体验多付 20 元不值得。

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