Snapped a picture of the hearts outside Chinatown Point as the bus make the last turn before I got off earlier this week going to work. 😎


I decided to walk out instead of through the train station. Saw a Japanese restaurant that offers buffet. Expensive though.

我决定在外面走而不是通地铁站。 看到一家提供自助餐的日本餐厅。挺贵的呢。

At the junction, I saw the Health Promotion Board building which I was walking towards.


After crossing one part, I took a picture of the Police Cantonment Complex where I used to work a couple of years ago.


After crossing another part, I took a picture of Pinnacle at Duxton. One of the most expensive public housing in Singapore.

过了另一部分马路后,我拍了一张达士岭的照片。 算是新加坡最昂贵的组屋之一。

Inside the Health Promotion Board building, I saw a little café.


Checked out their menu.


There is 7-eleven not far from there.


Went up to continue the journey.


Almost reaching, I saw birds of different feathers having breakfast.


Bowyer clock tower telling me I wasn't late for work. 😎

Bowyer 钟楼告诉我我上班没有迟到哦。😎

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