I was going to Resort World Sentosa on Friday morning for a conference when I saw this mess as I walked to take the bus. Very likely the cause of humans dumping rubbish next to the bin and rats having a go at the food remains they dumped there. It's sad to see this.

星期五早上我要去圣淘沙名胜世界参加一个会议,当我走去乘公车时,看到了这个烂摊子。 大可能是人在垃圾箱旁边乱丢垃圾和老鼠在他们丢的的食物上找吃的。 看到这个真难过。

At least, the sight in the bus ride was nicer.


However, I saw evidence of a joker who ate some fruit and decided it was OK to dumped the fruit peel and seeds behind the seat. Whast an idiot.

然而,我看到了一个不知所谓的搭客吃了一些水果的证据,并决定把果皮和种子扔在坐位后面。 真是个白痴。

Watch the video as I ride pass Sentosa Gateway.


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