I like the air-conditioning in the office but going to office in the public is something I don't like. Train seems to be more crowded than even pre-pandemic. When I was going home on Wednesday, the different queues at the bus interchage at Toa Payoh were very long. Luckily, I don't need to take the shuttle bus.

我喜欢办公室里的空调,但我不喜欢搭公共交通上班。地铁似乎比冠病蔓延前还要拥挤。 当我星期三回家时,在大巴窑的巴士转换站排起了很长的队。 幸运的是,我不需要乘搭巴士。

That's why I like going out slightly earlier to take the bus in the morning. The journey is longer but I get to seat and can stare out when I want to.

这就是为什么我喜欢早上早点出门乘公车。 旅程虽然更长,但我可坐下来,还可看看外面的风景。

Seeing the sun sometimes even when the bus move too bus for photo.


And it is always a pleasure to see the residents around the office area. 😎

看到办公区周围的居民总是很高兴。 😎

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