I thought after the story with car tires on airplanes, the russians would no longer surprise us with anything. But no...now at the ''Engels'' airfield they paint bombers on the asphalt to replace the destroyed units with them 😂.

The process of drawing the Tu-95MS next to the real side was consistently captured on satellite images.

As the old saying goes: “While our spaceships roam the vast expanses of the universe...” Yes, the russians still believe that in the era of satellites they can mislead someone simply by painting a bomber on the asphalt. We are dealing with the thinking of the last century (and maybe the century before). It's no surprise that Russia is buying drones from Iran. Iran, which, it would seem, has been under sanctions for so many years, has been able to produce its own drones. But russia, which calls itself “great” – no, was not able to produce its own drone.

The same Iranian drones are causing me noticeably more concern this year than in 2022. For a week now, in the evenings "Shaheeds" are noticeable in my city every day. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more about this in the public domain.

In this night I hardly slept: the air raid warning sounded almost every hour. I’m surprised that after more than a year and a half in this mode, I still have a sense of humor in the morning.

Russia is targeting heating and electricity systems again

As for attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, it is already clear what tactics the russians have chosen this season: first there are waves of a large number of “Shaheds”, the purpose of which is to overload the air defense and expose air defense positions. And only after the “Shaheds” come the missiles.

Russia now has more "Shaheds" due to the fact that, in addition to purchasing from Iran, their assembly is now established in russia, as well as Belarus. They aim to launch 100 drones in one wave, but this is still unrealistic for them for another reason: they only have about 10 launchers, each of which can release 5 drones at a time. Thus, in one “wave” russia can launch about 50 drones.

You don’t have to be a professional military expert to come to obvious conclusions: instead of repelling attacks from 50-100 ''Shaheeds'' every day, it is much more rational to take the following measures:

  • Destroy the launch vehicles themselves.
  • Destroy the very production of "Shaheds" on the territory of russia, Belarus, as well as Iran (in which not only Ukraine, but also Israel is interested).

To carry out such attacks on the territory of russia and Belarus, Ukraine needs long-range missiles.

Ukraine's own developments, the "Thunder" and ''Neptune'' missiles, are good, they just require more time for production. In the meantime, we hope for deliveries of "ATACMS" from the USA and "Taurus" from Germany, before winter coming.

✍ Bogdan Karasiov, October 2, 2023.