An interesting difference between the current war and the Second World War: we do not darken the cities, although we are constantly bombed, and air raid alarms sound ten times a day. The fact is that russian aviation does not risk flying over the front line...and missiles do not care anyway, since they fly to predetermined coordinates. True, we were in a city blackout mode for about the first few months of the war, while russian aviation still took the risk of flying in for bombing purposes. Once the russians realized that they were suffering disproportionately high aircraft losses, they stopped using them to bomb cities, leaving only missiles and drones. And we stopped darkening the cities.

Also, during this war, Ukraine was subjected to even more mining than during the Second World War. While the Allies delayed the delivery of tanks, the russians for 7 months mined and dug in our land, dug in and mined. There is such a saying: "The right decision, made late, is a mistake." Such a mistake is made constantly with the delay in the delivery of weapons (however, I am already silent about our own Ukrainian idiots in power, who were supposed to start increased production of weapons since 2014, but did not do so).

Also, everyone already understands the special importance of drones in the new war. What I haven’t mentioned yet: some drones are used for mine clearance. For example, small tracked drones are sent to minefields specifically so that the drone explodes on a mine, and thus eliminates its danger to people.

Some news

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing and having partial success in Donetsk region and Zaporizhzhia.

  • Ukrainian troops achieved partial success in the direction of the Klishchiivka railway line, 7 km southwest of Bakhmut, and Andriivka, which is 10 km southwest of Bakhmut.
  • The geolocation footage also shows the advance of the Armed Forces east of Novoprokopivka, which is 5 km southeast of Robotyno, in the western part of Zaporizhzhya Oblast, and partial success west of Robotyno.
''Hunter'' drone.

✍ October 5, 2023.