The Armed Forces of Ukraine broke through the enemy's defense line near Bakhmut. The Rashists lost some of the largest prepared units: the 72nd separate motorized rifle brigade, the 31st and 83rd separate landing brigades, but continue the assault.

Throughout this war, Russian generals demonstrate a misunderstanding of the so-called "Kutuzov dilemma", formulated in the 19th century (surprisingly) by the Russian general Kutuzov. This dilemma suggests that the main task of the war is not the capture of cities, but the destruction of the enemy's army and the preservation of one's own army. If the enemy's army is defeated, the cities will be occupied as a result. If the cities are occupied, but at the same time their own army is lost, they will soon be lost. Example: Napoleon occupied Moscow, but lost his army, soon lost the war. The Russians behave just as stupidly throughout the entire war of 2022-2023: they do not spare their army, throwing soldiers to their deaths during the storming of strategically unimportant towns, so that these attacks have already been nicknamed "meat assaults". The Ukrainian army, on the contrary, protects its soldiers, and the main task of this counter-offensive was not the liberation of the territory, but the destruction of the enemy soldiers (after which the liberation of the territory will occur as a consequence).

By the way, several times I have already heard their new saying from Russian bloggers: "The Ukrainian army is an incredible combination of a Russian soldier, a German-fascist officer and a NATO general." Of course, about "fascist" officers and "Russian" soldiers – this is what the twilight consciousness of Russian propaganda says, if these statements are taken literally. If you look at them purely conceptually, then there is something in it. Now the Ukrainian army is attacking the enemy's fortified positions without air support and with fewer numbers than the defending enemy, and at the same time liberating populated areas and territories. This contradicts all the military science presented in the textbooks, and at the same time it happens in reality. In general, more than 260 square kilometers have already been liberated during the offensive in the south of Ukraine.

✍ September 19, 2023.