According to journalists, the airfield was hit by drones and Neptune missiles. At that moment, there were about 12 Su-24 and Su-30 aircraft, as well as Pantsir MANPADS. And there is also a training base for Mojaher UAV operators, which are used to attack Ukraine.

💥 Explosions were heard in Saki, Yevpatoria, Novofedorivka and Dzhankoya. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation counted 19 drones and traditionally announced the "successful work of the Air Defense".

Strikes by the Security Service and the Naval Forces of Ukraine hit the target and caused serious damage to the occupiers' equipment. Drones were used to defeat the enemy, which overloaded the Russian air defense system, and then they launched Neptune missiles.

It is interesting that even Russian telegram channels confirm serious destruction and losses - they write about at least 30 dead soldiers. It is reported that there were more than 20 explosions.

September 21, 2023.