The army of drones hit a record number of russian artillery – this week.

The russians have minus 69 artillery units and 17 self-propelled artillery units – this is only what was hit by drones. More damaged artillery means fewer shells on the positions of our military and front-line areas.

The drone operators hit 220 units of military equipment, including 33 tanks, 41 vans and other vehicles.

Over the course of a month, the number of vehicles hit by drones reached 793 units.

Thus, we are now witnessing a new type of war, unprecedented in history, when drones actually replace tactical aircraft on the battlefield.

Ukraine produces its own drones of almost all types, more than 40 models. Thanks to the supply of mechanical parts from allied countries, the quality of drones is increasing. At the same time, the production of drones and their quality is declining in the russian federation.

This is about drones. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine relentlessly destroy enemy artillery by other methods: a record thousand units of russian artillery were liquidated in September 2023.

Well, it's mega, it's something incredible. We are already more than 1,000 guns away from their stock kit. Rashists can not restore and put into service more than 300 guns in a month. They have a maximum of 8 machines left working. I emphasize: not factories, but machines that can drill a gun barrel.

✍ October 4, 2023.