Ukrainians are increasingly (and not without reason) criticizing the government for incompetent actions during the war, russians are increasingly (and not without reason) criticizing their government, also for incompetent actions during the war.

In the USA, criticism has reached the threat of impeachment against Biden and the removal of the speaker of the lower house of Congress (which happened for the first time in the history of the States).

The thought that "suggests itself": problems and shortcomings are everywhere. A sober understanding of this is a good foundation for further constructive development. We have a state mechanism suffering from many shortcomings, and at the same time the enemy has a state mechanism also suffering from many shortcomings.

The russo-Swedish war of 1788-1790 was called the "War of one-legged and one-armed". Our current war is also in many ways in line with this concept. Therefore, it is a question of an act of will: do we focus on whining and criticizing, or do we maintain the will to defeat evil, despite all our own shortcomings.

Picture (in the subject): the Scandinavian god of war Tur has one arm. And at the same time, he is considered the god of honor and valor.

Why is it necessary to express these thoughts? Because lately the news background has become doubly heavy. In addition to the war, there is also a lot of whining and criticism from one's own citizens. Often not without reason. For example, it recently became known that in the Kherson region, the local authorities are now want building...a hockey stadium (instead of using this money to buy, say, drones for the front). I hope the culprits will be put in prison (and in the Second World War, they would probably be shot for such a thing). Of course, to build "such an important" thing during the war for survival, as a hockey stadium, they wanted to be able to embezzle part of the money during this construction.

Against the background of such shameful cases, some well-known figures, such as Oleksiy Arestovych, are now actively getting on our nerves that we seem to be lacking democratic freedoms, that we seem to be sliding into totalitarianism. And in my opinion, on the contrary, we need even stricter regulation. We have a war on which the survival of the people depends, and at the same time many employees feel relaxed (while the army pays for it with blood and lives).

In the Second World War, when the war between the USA and Japan began, the USA rounded up all the Japanese and moved them to concentration camps. This was a necessary measure for security during the war. How does this relate to the notions of "Western freedoms" that Arestovych is so persistently talking about now? We are fighting precisely for democratic freedoms, but during martial law, freedom must not turn into anarchy. For example, the russians hit the village with a rocket yesterday. Village Groza, there, where people were just holding vigils for the dead, ~50 people died from a rocket hit– this is some kind of scumbag who led the russians to the target, pointed to a crowd of people. So where is that line of freedoms that will not harm us during the war, and will not give greater freedom of action to collaborators and traitors, do you know it?

✍ Bogdan Karasiov, October 6, 2023.