The UK will continue to support Ukraine, regardless of the results of the US elections, - British Defense Minister Grant Shapps

“We still have a long way to go before we see what happens in the election for the Republican candidate. But we will continue to stand side by side with our friends in Ukraine,” Shapps assured.

From heart to heart... Let me remind you that during the Second World War, Britain also confronted Nazi Germany almost one-on-one for the first two years, after the shameful fall of France, which resisted for only 42 days, despite the fact that it was superior to Germany in military potential.

Assuming that World War III really started out in 2022, Ukraine now looks very much like Britain.

With significant differences, of course. Still, Ukraine has great support from the world community, if not on the battlefield, then in many other areas.

I even smiled today at the tautology in the names of our countries (UK / Uk...).

✍ September 25, 2023.