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Wanted for long to prove

The greatest, the goal

Lord have Messi

He's tactics are close

Broadly entering the post

Sending team home

His major bowl.



Then come the Ronaldo

Shane they lost in limbo

No trophy to take home

The Belgians made sure

Weakening there morale

An all-star Portugal

Went on with claps.



The greatest achievement was this

Making a legend of myself

A goal, a game

Makes a living goat

Legs were aching

Time to hang this lane

To what I've put my all into

To this game

The passion was the height

The all was the final win

Didn't clinch any.



England for Denmark

Whose net will it be

A keeper miss

Smart forward luck

Defenders curse

Or a goal-keeper home goal

One mistake, four years regret

No one readout to go that bend

Make it count, coach said

Whole world is watching

Be serious, proactive.