In the depths of night,
As the moon glows bright,
Two hearts entwine,
In a dance divine

Whispers soft as silk,
Lips that taste of milk,
Bodies hot as fire,
Fueled by sheer desire

Fingers roam and tease,
Eager just to please,
Skin on skin, a sweet caress,
Aching with a need to possess.

Moans and sighs fill the air,
As they lose themselves in the dare,
Of carnal bliss, of ecstasy,
A union of body and soul so free

Breathless, spent, and sated,
Their passion unabated,
They rest in each other's embrace,
Knowing that love's joy is not a race.

For in the moment, they are one,
Their hearts and souls forever spun,
In a web of love and lust,
A bond that will never rust.

Sincerely, @izge