You are the breath that gives me life anew, The pulse that races in my vibrant veins, The spark that kindles passions, bright and true, The life that flows and fills me, love sustains.

I'll never give you up, no pain to bear, No blades can cut the bond that binds our souls, In wounds and healing, we'll forever share, A love unbreakable, where life unfolds.

You are the voice that sings to me with grace, The whispers gentle, calming all my fears, The shouts that cheer me on in life's embrace, The sounds of joy that grace my willing ears.

I'll never silence you, my heart's delight, No secrets can divide what's meant to be, In unity, our love shines like starlight, A symphony of love, so wild and free.

You are the sight that paints my world with hues, The beauty that enchants my every glance, A vision filled with love, where life renews, A colorful apparels, a joyous dance.