My life is a winding path that is hard to understand, It's full of uncertainty and confusion that's hard to comprehend,

The choices I have to make, the things I must decide, Sometimes take me down roads that I don’t want to ride,

I can’t always see the right decision, I struggle to make it clear, Options that I can choose are often too hard to hear,

The paths I could take are so many, I can’t decide which one to pick, I want to make the right choice, but I’m stuck on a quick,

I’m overwhelmed by the choices, the options lay before me, It’s hard to decide which way to go when I can’t see,

The fog of indecision looms, and I begin to doubt, The path I have to take, and all the things I’m left without,

My heart and mind conflict and I can’t seem to win, I know that I must make a choice, but I just can’t begin,

The fear of making the wrong decision holds me back, I’m stuck in a pattern, and it's keeping me down like a sack.

Sincerely @izge