My heart is aching, my mind is torn, My love so deep, so hidden, so forlorn,

I can't express it, it's too hard to say, I'm scared to confess it, I'm too afraid,

I'm scared of rejection, scared of the pain, Scared of the truth, scared of the shame,

I'm scared of the future, scared of the past, Scared to tell you my love will never last,

I'm scared of the heartache, scared of the tears, Scared of the hurt, scared of the fears,

I'm scared of the silence, scared of the words, Scared to tell you that my love is absurd,

But I can't keep it inside, it's too much to bear, I must tell you my feelings, I must let you know I care,

So I will take a chance, and risk the pain, And confess my secret love, before it's too late again.