For want of something to do,
I found everything to woo,
it is something not worth my while,
but yet it is something for a mile,

You plop back and drove at me for a smile,
I put up with your lie, but it is not my play,
high up the sky is the aim, without shame,
you remain the same, only to lay blame,

Like a darting sparrow, tomorrow,
remains a daunting shadow,
your gal and temerity is a fruitless ardour,
like a whiff of smoke,
you will be only but for a while, and then emptiness,

Goodness is timeless, humility is priceless,
yet wisdom and sorrow,
are only but for a while and in the end,
the reality stares you in the face like a form in a bottomless void,

All is vanity, not one has sanity,
plainly life is a mystery, but all is a comedy,
to those who look on with philosophy,
there is no tragedy, in the presence of the Almighty.

Sincerely, @izge