You are the breath that chokes my life away, The pulse that fades into a hollow beat, The spark that flickers, dimming by the day, The life that withers, trapped in cold defeat.

I must relinquish you, despite the pain, As blades of fate cut deeper than despair, Our wounds bleed out, a torrential, crimson rain, inescapable, this death we both must bear.

You are the voice that taunts my tortured mind, The whispers twisted, fueling endless dread, The shouts that echo, leaving scars behind, The deafening silence, where our love is dead.

I must silence you, the screams are too intense, Our secrets rend us, tearing souls apart, In soundless voids, we dwell in somber suspense, A silence unbreakable, a severed heart.

You are the sight that haunts my darkest dreams, The beauty marred by horrors, stark and cruel, A vision veiled in endless, shadowed schemes, A world of colors faded, drained and cool.

I must blind myself to shield from the despair, The shocking horrors, sights too grim to bear, In darkness, I'll find solace from the glare, Where sights unspeakable, we both must share.

You are the touch that numbs my very core, The caress that's lost in frigid, icy air, The embrace that's distant, forevermore, A warmth that's vanished, leaving bones laid bare.

I must release you, though I ache to hold, As coldness freezes love in solid form, The distance keeps us, stories left untold, A touch unfelt, a love forever torn.

I must let you go, though my heart won't sever, Longing for your presence, leaving never, In this deathlike embrace, we'll dwell forever, In eternal sorrow, we'll remain together.

Long Time no See Scorum Fam! ❤️