You have seen pigeons, you have not seen pigeon traps. The proverb was not created by chance. The dove is as hard a trap as the cunning bird. The hunter has to come up with many tricks to hunt. Whether the hunter is a tiger or a bird. Animals that have to hunt other animals for food have to resort to these tricks.

Humans are said to be the most intelligent animals in the world. However, many animals have more intelligence than humans. For example, let's talk about black egrets or black storks. They are African species of storks. You will be surprised to know their fancy fishing techniques!

They flutter their wings like umbrellas while waiting for prey. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Shadows fall on the water under the wings. And it catches fish whenever it comes in that shadow.

The black egrets spread their wings and completely covered themselves. This covered their sharp eyesight. This technique of hunting black storks is called 'canopy feeding'. It is considered to be one of the most secretive techniques in the animal kingdom.

Although the reason for the use of this strange technique by African black storks is not yet clear. However, scientists believe that the bird gets many benefits through this technique. At the same time, this extraordinary technique has undoubtedly made the black stork one of the most sought after predators in the animal kingdom.

Their legs are quite long like other storks. Doesn't make any noise while walking in the water. He walked slowly in the shallow water and spread his wings like an umbrella. So that light cannot enter. As a result, in that darkness, small fish come to hide from big predators.

On the contrary, the fish run towards their own death. Due to the shadow of the wings, the black egrets can see the fish better. Then they catch prey from the water with the help of their long beak.

Black egrets usually focus on small prey under the ground. So it is a part of their hunting strategy.

Interestingly, the feet of African storks are yellow. Which is easily able to divert the prey from their target. The same is true of other storks, but the opposite is true of African black storks.

Some people think that the bright color of their wings and the yellow color of their feet can lure the fish to death.