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Pet dogs destroy household items in the UK every year. The amount of this loss is not less. According to Avivar, a UK home insurance company, dogs have lost household items, with an average of 600 insurance claims coming to them each year. Each claims an average of 1,440.

According to the UK media Sky News, the insurance company has brought to light several dog cases. According to information provided by Avivar, a Labrador breed chicken is called whiskey. In the house where it lives, the closed circuit (CC) television camera of the house shows the dog turning on the kitchen tap. The floor of the house was washed away. No one was home when the whiskey blew up. It was not possible to turn off the cold water tap. The owner of the pet dog claimed that he lost 5,000 US dollars.

A pet dog in another house is a little different. A man was painting the walls of the house. This time the dog dropped two liters of paint from the top of the stairs. Another man mentioned in the insurance claim that his dog had ruined the carpet by throwing a hot iron.

An insurance claim has been filed for a laptop that was damaged by a dog falling into the water. Even a dog has damaged the television - a customer has demanded insurance for it.

Home furnishings insurance is introduced in the UK. When the dog is doing something wrong, the owner of the dog is appearing at the office of the insurance company with a claim for compensation. And this is what is causing the disaster. Because, as mentioned in the insurance, the organization will not compensate the pet if the household items are damaged due to any animal. But still insurance claims are coming. The companies are not able to meet this insurance claim.

"We're telling customers to know the terms and conditions of what is covered by insurance," said Kelly Whittington, director of Aviva, according to UPI.