Molly Gibson was born on October 26, 2020. He has become a part of history since he came to earth. As one, she is equal to her 29-year-old mother! Because, the process of his birth started 26 years ago! Molly's embryo was saved on October 14, 1992. After 27 long years, the fetus was adopted in February 2020 by Tina and Ben Gibson of Tennessee, USA.

Martha Earl, director of the Preston Medical Library at the University of Tennessee in the United States , told the New York Times that she had read several medical journals on fetal births. In this context, he said, "I do not know the news of the birth of a child from a fetus that has been preserved for more than 20 years."

That means Molly is now the world's longest preserved fetus. In this case, Molly, however, broke the record of her older sister Emma soon after birth. Because Molly's older sister Emma also saw the light of day in the same process. Emma's fetus was stored in the laboratory for 24 years!

More interestingly, Emma is equal to Molly as one! Because Emma and Molly's embryos were donated by the same couple on the same day October 14, 1992. So in a sense, Emma and Molly are almost the same age as their mother. In 1992, their mother Tina was about two years old.

After Molly's birth, her mother Tina told the media, 'I think we have conquered the world. Still feeling suffocated! If only someone had told me 5 years ago that I was going to be the mother of not one, but two daughters, I would have thought her insane. '

And what did father Ben Gibson say? He told the New York Times , "I can't think of any other child except these two. They just came for us. '