Which is the most beautiful day in the world? The day the first flowers bloomed on the chest of the earth. What do you think? You can find different answers. However, there is no denying that a unique beauty was born in the world through the birth of flowers. People have loved flowers for ages. Fascinated by beauty and fragrance. Flowers are unconditionally recognized around the world as a symbol of holiness and purity. Flowers are inevitable in reverence, love and friendship, as well as in rebellion and revolution.

A flower can be planted on this occasion | Photo: Collected

Exactly how long ago the first flowers bloomed on earth? Some botanists say that 12 to 13 million years ago. According to some, 150 million years. Someone said, 160 million years ago. And there are about four lakh species of flowers in the world.

Now the flowering season is spring in nature. Of course from summer to spring; Flowers abound in this country throughout the year in the seasonal cycle. Bangladesh means the land of flowers.

Today is March 12, the day of planting flowers. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. What's in it. A flower can be planted on this occasion. You can put it on the roof of an urban house, on the balcony or even inside the house.