The famous Nintendo console, better known as “Dandy,” appeared on the Bitcoin blockchain. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts decided to download an emulator of the famous console onto the warhead. Who uploaded Dandy to the blockchain? What is the essence of the question? Let's look at the details.

Uploading Dandy to the blockchain

The Pizza Ninjas development team uploaded a Nintendo 64 emulator onto the blockchain. They created an ordinal with certain files. For loading, programmers used the Brotli compression protocol. This allowed us to reduce the file size by 80%.

Additional questions

The Pizza Ninjas team did not save games for Dandy on the Bitcoin blockchain. The fact is that developers are afraid of being accused of copyright infringement. The programmers said that downloading “Super Mario”, “Contra” and “Battletoads” will be carried out by gamer enthusiasts. At the moment, downloading and saving the game will cost 6 thousand dollars. The calculation takes into account the current commission for carrying out the necessary transactions.

The programmers indicated that using the Nintendo 64 emulator, gamers will be able to run Dandy games in the browser. But, games that are already saved on the computer. In the future, it is planned to add multiplayer, with the help of which 4 people will be able to play the game (simultaneously). Accordingly, the famous “Tanks” can be played not by two people, as before, but by four people.

Thus, despite the fact that there are some restrictions, an emulator of the famous Dandy console has appeared on the blockchain. Honestly, a month ago I launched Super Mario on my computer and wandered around the old locations a little. Now I want to find a disk with such an old toy as the English Channel racing. Yes, and “Tanks” will be remembered. But play not on an old console, which is now quite difficult to find, but on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Let's wait for enthusiasts to download and save old and cute toys in the warhead. We can remember the past. Those times when we tried to find a little time to “play the console.” After all, back then we didn’t sit for days in front of the monitor. And we watched TV many times more often than now. Our generation did not like to stay at home. But, time flies. Accordingly, it is pleasant and not surprising that such old games as “Tanks”, “Super Mario” and “Contra” will appear on the blockchain. Will you play such toys on the blockchain?