A New Strategy for Scorum World!

I will be blogging a lot more often on Scorum World than I ever did on Scorum Sports because as many of you know I really don't follow sports that closely and I'm more of a story teller than a current events or news reporter. This change has already been causing me a lot of problems because I don't have enough voting power to do everything that I want to do. I can no longer support my own blogs as well as those who read and comment on my blogs, and at the same time support everyone that I follow, all of the new members, good blogs by members that I don't follow, and all of the comments to my comments. So I have been thinking this over today and I have decided to prioritize my voting power and do what I can to support as many members as possible with significant votes while at the same time maximizing my own earning potential. After all, one day I want to be able to earn a living from the income this account generates.

I have always been more about growing Scorum, building my own account, and supporting as many Scorum member's work as possible. I'm not going to change that, but seeing that I can not do it all I'm going to have to develop the best plan possible to meet as many of these goals as possible.

On Scorum Sports I will be using the "roll-tide" account to support sports writers, any sports related blogs that I write from now on will be posted from that account, at least until one of my family members takes over operation of that account. From this account I will be posting my blogs here on Scorum World and supporting the members over here starting with those members who belong to the "Fiction Writers Club." So please don't get upset when I start unfollowing members from this account who are sports content only writers or who do not produce content that interests me.

The chart above illustrates how I am going to try and prioritize my voting power, this is just a starting point and I will adjust it going into the future as necessary. You will notice that my plan is to vote for my own blogs as I post them and then look for other members blogs to upvote from there. The next priority will be to upvote everyone who reads and writes a good comment that enhances my blog in some way. I plan to read and comment on as many blogs and comments on Scorum World as possible, so the next priority will be to upvote as many comments to my comments as possible. I will always be trying to keep an eye out for and offer good upvotes to new members in order to help them get off to a good start. If I still have voting power leftover after that then I will be scouring the various categories that interest me for other good blogs to support.

If you think that I should change these priorities I would love to hear from you, I'm still just trying to think this through openly right now. I would also like to know how others maximize the effectiveness of their voting power and balance supporting others and growing Scorum with their own interest in earning good rewards from their investment.

***New Addition***

After more consideration, and seeing how hard it is to keep my voting power up, I think that I will try to blog and upvote comments and contest entries Monday through Friday and then try to upvote the blogs of others over the weekend and see how that works out. I had completely forgotten what it was like to post daily blogs!

Thanks for checking out my blog!